Specific Capabilities

Micro Chem has a unique array of specialty equipment and technical know-how.
Our equipment is portable, with flexible capacity and small foot print by design to provide the ability to re-configure specifications quickly to meet process or packaging requirements. Our formulation, packaging, pour-up and repackaging equipment is set up to complete client requirements promptly and economically, without compromising product quality and integrity.

  • Liquid Packaging, Pour-up and Repackaging ½ pint to 275 gal IBC’s / totes
  • Rework off-spec materials, pour up’s and repackage, re-blending of liquid formulations
  • Formulation and finishing of EC’s and SC’s
  • Re-dispersion of solids into liquids, 5 various size dispersers, 2 colloid mills
  • Fine Grind Wet Milling (2 media mills)
  • Liquid Product Filtering & Screening
  • Liquid Packaging line, filling, capping, labeling, induction sealing
  • Bottle and Case Labeling and Relabeling, Palletizing & Pallet configuration changes
  • DF, EG and WDG Repackaging from Drums, Bags, Bulk Bags to containers ½ lb to 60 lb
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Clean and Recycle Packaging Materials, Waste handling and Disposal
  • Drum Auger System – removal of solids from drums, with de-agglomeration capabilities
  • Drum Heating Capabilities
  • Micro Chem is led by a Highly qualified and Experienced management team.

Service Opportunities

Our customers range from startups with no manufacturing capabilities to well-known global chemical producers. Projects are normally conducted under confidentiality agreements to protect customer intellectual property. Project pricing depends on the nature and scope of work, but options include time and material, fixed fee, or per unit. Please contact us if you have a requirement in mind or if you would like to further assess our capabilities.